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The "Tweet" block displays a Twitter news feed or highlights a particular Tweet

Example of highlighted tweet

To add a "Tweet" block

  • Open the page where the "Tweet" block is to be added.
  • Click "Add content" where the "Tweet" block should be placed on the page.
  • Click the "Tweet" block.

By clicking on this block, its form appears:

  1. Open the Twitter page to share.
    To share the entire Twitter feed, copy the URL of the Twitter account
    To share a particular Tweet, click on the Tweet you want and then copy its URL
  2. Paste the URL into the URL field of the Tweet block
  3. Click "OK"

Good to know

The Tweet block settings allow to:

  • Change the position of the Tweet in the page: left, centered, right
  • Change the number of Tweets to display. This option is useful when the entire Twitter feed is shared on one page of the site

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