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The back office editor bar

Once you’re connected to the back office, BackBee allows you to act on your site.

Discover the main buttons of the Back Office interface.

1. "Publish" lets you publish your page. Publishing means making visible your website page and its content to all the visitors of your website.

  • When the "Publish" button is orange, it means there is unpublished content on your page and the content that you are seeing in the back office is not visible to your visitors. You can edit and act on your website’s content.
  • If the button is grey, this means that the current version of the page is already online and visible to your website’s visitors. 

2. "Discard" deletes all current modifications on your page and goes back to its latest published version. Note: BackBee lets you only go back to the latest published version and not beyond (there is no history).

3. "+" is used to create new pages. It is possible to :

  • Create a blank page
  • Create a page using an already existing template (a predefined layout)
  • Duplicate the displayed page

4. The "magnifying glass", allows you to search a specific page among all the pages of the site.

5. The "Page parameters" button shows the page settings such as

6. The "Site parameters" button opens more advanced options such as:

7. Help button displaying the Help Center in a modal window

8. Account button that allows the user to:

  • Sign out of the back office
  • Reach directly the account page

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