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Formatting your text

Text can be formatted using the options available in the text editor.

  • Open the page where the text should be formatted.
  • Click the text you want to format.
  • The text editor appears with the list of formatting options:
  1. Undoes the last action performed
  2. Returns to the next action
  3. Adds a link to text
  4. Removes a link added to text
  5. Selects the title level of the text
  6. Selects the text font
  7. Selects the text size
  8. Selects the color of the text
  9. Toggles bold text
  10. Toggles italics text
  11. Toggles underlined text
  12. Toggles strikethrough text
  13. Removes all formatting from text
  14. Creates a numbered list
  15. Creates a bulleted list
  16. Align left
  17. Center text
  18. Align right
  19. Justifies text

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